Think about how you spend your meals. Eating a bowl of cereal on the couch watching the morning news, scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest while eating your lunch, or eating dinner with the family while watching your weekly show. While you are eating, your body is trying to focus on the TV, a book, your phone, the music you are listening to, the list goes on. This is known as distracted eating. Being distracted by what is going on around us while we eat is something that we encounter on a daily basis. Growing up my family always ate together but most of the time we were in the living room watching America's Funniest Home Videos or Law and Order. We didn’t just sit and watch TV, we talked and interacted with each other. You may be asking yourself “what’s wrong with that?” Well, while I was trying to eat I am watching TV, listening to the TV, listening to conversation, and actively participating in the conversation. Most of the time I didn’t even realize how much I ate.

By multitasking while eating the chances are greater that you will overeat. Your focus is not on experiencing the full satisfaction of our food. The need have joy in your food is what causes us to overeat. If your focus is on something other than eating, like a video game or a Youtube video, British studies have found that you will be more likely to eat more later on in the day.

Be mindful when you eat, pay attention to what you eat and how much, enjoy the taste. Putting down the electronics and the books will allow you keep from eating mindlessly. Eat your meals at the dining table with your family. This will allow you to slow down and focus on the food that is on your plate. In between bites put the fork down and enjoy each bite.

I know this will be a difficult task because many of you grew up like I did, eating in front of the TV. Take it one day at a time and start small. Have dinner with your family at the table once a week working your way up until it becomes a natural instinct. I will admit that I am just as guilty as anyone else and have put together a plan to help with my distracted eating. I hope each of you are able to take this and use it to improve your eating habits. Have a wonderful and blessed week!!




01/13/2017 2:58am

I am not sure if distracted eating is a good practice, but what I know is you should eat in a right amount while realizing that eating together with your family is a time where you update each other's lives. I grew up in a family where we usually talk while having dinner and it's totally okay with us. We were responsible in what we eat while keeping the line among us alive.

01/29/2017 8:26am

I must say that your opinion is understandable. Can't wait for the next one.

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Thank you for reading, I can't wait for future comments.

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This is the matter of health. Very imortant.

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Eating is always important. What you eat and how. People should pay more attention on this!

03/07/2017 8:06am

I'm watching a serials while eating and I know it is wrong to do. But I can't nothing to deal with this. I have a lack of time.

03/31/2017 7:42am

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Thanks for this information... Love to read your articles.

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Entire world is on the way because of diabetes and emotion eating and distracted eating are the main culprit.

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