PictureThese pups are who cheer up our family.
Tis' the season right? With Thanksgiving being the start of the holiday season the depression associated with the holidays starts to set in. If you struggle with depression around the holidays I pray that you take this post to heart and get a jump start on managing it now.

Depression seems to be more prevalent during the holiday season. The holidays are filled with family, decorating, cooking, shopping, parties, happy couples and everything else “perfect”, nothing better! Except that all these things come with stress.

Nobody’s family is dysfunction free. There is always a mom who wants to know why you don’t have a significant other or, my personal favorite, why you haven’t made her a grandmother. We all have those family members who do not talk to each other and you have to play the messenger or sit while they awkwardly avoid each other.

  • Tell your family “NO”. You do not have to take part in every family event during the holidays. 

  • Remember that every family has their issues despite what you see on social media. 

  • Be prepared and have a plan. Anticipate the questions or the awkwardness and know how you want to respond. 

If you are hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas this year than you can expect to cook. The turkey or ham takes hours of time in the oven and then you have to make side dishes and desserts. Who has the time, money or energy to make that all happen. I know I sure don’t.

  • Start a couple days in advance. Make your pies and desserts early, they are easy to warm up in the oven while you eat dinner. 

  • Ask that everyone who comes brings a side dish. This is my plan. My mother-in-law makes the best sweet potatoes and my mom makes a killer green bean casserole. I may ask if one of our brothers will bring rolls. Don’t do everything and let’s be honest there are somethings that just taste better when someone else makes it. 

  • Order a pre-made meal. Our local grocery store will make the meal for you. You pick what you want and how many you need to serve.

Decorating, shopping and parties are supposed to FUN! Stress is what they bring, you expect to have a Pinterest worthy fall and Christmas decor or the perfect gift for every person you ever met. Oh parties… everyone has them and they consume every weekend from Thanksgiving to New Years.

  • Do what is fun for you. I love to decorate but I can guarantee that my home is not Pinterest worthy. Last Christmas I made our Christmas stockings by hand. My family picked their fabric and I made the stockings from my own pattern. They don’t color coordinate and they aren’t perfectly sewn but we had a blast. 

  • Get started on your shopping early. I start thinking about gift ideas as early as July and have my shopping done by the end of November. Shop online and you don’t have to deal with the crowds. I will have things shipped to the store (free shipping) if possible. 

  • Tell your family that you are only shopping for your kids, spouse, or immediate family only. Take the pressure off yourself. 

  • Do not go to every party. Just pick a couple that you truly believe that you will have fun at. You don’t need to please everyone.  

Let’s talk about those happy couples that you see walking hand-in-hand shopping at the mall, what you don’t know is they just had an argument in the car on whose house they are going to for Thanksgiving dinner or who they will be with on Christmas morning. Every couple fights and every couple has two or more families they have to see during the holidays and that will stress anyone out. Or you look at them and realize that you are alone this year because of a break-up, a divorce or you lost a loved one.

  •  Be realistic. The holidays are stressful but you have your spouse and your kiddos and they matter most, compromise on everything else. 

  •  If you are alone this year for whatever reason find a support system. Stay with your parents for a few days or find a couple of friends who are in the same boat and have a girls’ night, guys’ night or combine the two. 

  • Reach out to your church and join a small group. Volunteer at the local food bank or homeless shelter. 

Ultimately, the holidays can be a stressful time of year for anyone. Know your triggers and do something for yourself to make you happy. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up on the couch with my pups and drink a nice warm cup of coffee. I also love early mornings on the back porch listening to the quiet. You may enjoy a hot bath or crafting. Whatever it may be do it just for you.

If you feel that you are unable to control your depression please talk with your doctor. Maybe talking with a professional during this time will help you. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help but you don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to.

Overall, the holidays are tough and nobody will handle the stress and pressure that come with the holidays the same way. Do what is right for you, do what is right for your family.

Comment below and follow me on Facebook, we will have open discussion about our struggles. Let’s support each other.

Have a wonderful and blessed week.




12/06/2016 1:49pm

very nice

12/11/2016 4:47pm

Thank you!

06/21/2017 11:41pm

“Know Jesus and serve him, because he is worthy of it” - I live by this line. We had the same situation. There was a point in my life where I thought of turning my back to God because something bad had happened to me. It made me feel like I was alone and unloved by God. It made me question my faith because I keep on asking God, “Why me? Why are bad things happening to me and not to bad people? Do I deserve this?”. It was then that I realized how selfish I was to question and blame God. It was not his fault and yet when things get bad, people tend to suddenly see him as the one to blame when all he ever did was to love us unconditionally. Though there may be times when we feel lost, we must always remember that God is watching us. He is right there by our side. We just need to embrace Him and feel His presence. Just like what you have mentioned, we must serve Him because He is worthy. He is worth more than our problems. He is worth more than our endless complaints. He is worth more than the never-ending questions we have. He is the light. He is the savior. He is the answer.

Depression is very harmful for our mind and health. Through best weather we can control our depression and i think we should discus our mater with best friends. It is also best way for realize the tension. Best weather is also effect our mind and health.

12/11/2016 4:50pm

Depression can definitely be harmful to our health. I am not sure what you mean by best weather though, could you explain? I do agree that being able to release tension and talk with friends is a great help.

12/11/2016 1:20am

I definitely agree with you! Holidays can sometimes be stressful. When we can't handle stress well, this can lead to depression. Being depressed during holidays is definitely not fun. While others are celebrating, you're feeling stressed and pressured. Don't hesitate to ask your family and friends if you need help. As you've mentioned, it's important to seek professional help if depression is getting out of hand.

12/11/2016 4:52pm

You and I are totally on the same page. Great insight.

12/11/2016 10:33pm

This coming Christmas holiday, people are expecting happiness from it because that's one of the essences of this season. But if one triggers your depression, it's better to take some steps and know when to say no. Food preparation is really exhausting and being attentive to your visitors is a draining task to do! That's why sometimes, it's okay to set a limitation for yourself. Depression is a serious threat for our health that's why we should always avoid it as possible as we can!

12/12/2016 7:24pm

You have great insight!

03/30/2017 3:23pm

Through best climate we can control our sadness and i think we ought to plate our mater with closest companions. It is additionally most ideal route for understand the strain. Best climate is likewise impact our psyche and well being.

04/02/2017 7:41am

Travel hitchhiking is a great way to feel the power of life and overcome the depression. A little trip for a month or two would be good.

04/12/2017 3:18am

Depression isn't good for us, whenever i feel depression i like to drink coffee, it help's me to make me depression free.

05/11/2017 9:35pm

This is the explanation that we really need to know at this time. Thank you.


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